The Bright Future School was originally built by a group of three dedicated teachers from the countryside near by the capital city of Kampala. Currently the school and kindergarten is attended by 246 children from poor families. Eight teachers and two child care workers devote their time to the children’s schooling. The finalisation of new building as a classroom for future class 7  is planned for the year 2018. In addition we will install solar penals to ensure electricity and light during rainy days. In order to further show our support of this project, we pay a portion of the teachers’ salaries.

With the objective of promoting initiative, independence and self-organization of underprivileged groups, economic perspectives and the emergence of local civil societies, the Future Foundation for Development of the GLS Treuhand e.V. currently works with 84 partners in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The foundation’s semi-annual newsletter reports on the projects.

You can learn more about the foundation’s work here.